Gotham Baseball LIVE: The Old Yankees Stadium Vigil Show

Jay Ferraro & Dan “Hawk” Drobnis explore the world of New York City baseball on a brand new edition of Gotham Baseball LIVE. The guys will be joined by Mark Healey, the Editor-In Chief of

The “Old Yankees Stadium Vigil” is taking place on April 18, 2010 and we are celebrating this event in the second hour of the program. Guests include Joey Kennedy (singer “Old Yankee Stadium”), Tim Reid (Director, Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium & Committee to Commemorate Babe Ruth), Brad Turnow (Yankee Historian), Phil Reina (Expert Yankee Stadium Architect), George Mole (Bronx Citizen, Police Officer & Writer), and Chris Jones (Old Yankee Stadium Expert & Vigil Planner).

Jay and Hawk will also touch upon everything fantasy baseball including who to “Pitch or Ditch”. Just another day at the ball park for Gotham Baseball LIVE!

Please click the link to listen live or to past shows: Gotham Baseball LIVE

Jay Ferraro is the Executive Producer of Baseball Digest LIVE and Gotham Baseball LIVE.  He is also the Fantasy Editor for as well as a columnist for Baseball Digest Magazine and You can reach him at , follow him on Twitter and add him on Facebook.