Armida: Yankees, Jeter Do The Right Thing

One of mt favorite writers, Gary Armida, recently opined out the New York Yankees did the right thing by giving Derek Jeter a lot of cash to return to the team in 2014. Whether you agree or not, Armida makes a strong case in favor of the deal.

Surely, there will be many who disagree about giving a player who is entering his age 40 season a guaranteed $12 million. And, considering he hit just .190/.288/.254 and missed all but 17 games due to an assortment of injuries. With a season like that and at that age, any team would be justified in handing out an incentive-laden deal to its long-time star.

But, this is Derek Jeter and this is the New York Yankees organization.

It may sound cliche and all, but there is a difference when discussing how the Yankees spend their money. There will be talk about the $185 million and implications on the luxury tax, which are two things that nobody, even the most seasoned of investigative journalists don’t have anything definitive. There will be talk about an aging core and the need to rebuild.

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