The Mets Gospel: When Hunting For Sharks, Look No Further Than The Top

So, while many of us were enjoying a Friday night with our families and friends or simply watching the Olympics, it seems Twitter exploded when it became known that during Mets manager Mickey Callaway’s shark fishing trip with about a dozen of his new players, Donald Trump Jr. showed up, and appeared in some photos.

This apparently made Callaway a target of some Mets fans — many of the same ones that have been raving about Callaway. since he was picked to take over the team.

Forget the politics for a moment, which I am sure is difficult, but indulge me.

Why is anyone surprised that the son of a very powerful and wealthy man — in this case — the President of The United States — was hanging around the Mets?

Or, why a Wilpon-owned thing is somehow related to or coming into contact with a Trump?

Connect the dots.

Like Trump Jr., Jeff Wilpon’s father made millions from real estate and learned the business from his father, and moves in that world every day.  Does anyone really think that Callaway has that kind of juice? “Hey guys, get DT junior on the line, tell’em we’re going shark-fishing.” It is to laugh.

More likely, this was an extension of the millionaires’ boys club that Jeff Wilpon founded years ago:

Jeff, who along with one of the sons of public-relations heavyweight and George Steinbrenner’s official mouthpiece, Howard Rubenstein, established an 18-member breakfast club for junior moguls in the late 1990s nicknamed the “S.O.B.s” — or Sons of Bosses, which included such notables as William Rudin, who comes from a prominent real-estate family, and Jonathan Tisch, chairman and CEO of the Loews Corporation and son of Loews founder Robert Tisch. “We’re all friends,” Jeff was quoted as saying in 1998. “We do business. We socialize. I help them. They help me. It all runs together.

Now, I can’t find any links from the younger Trump to the younger Wilpon, but after Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were “duped” by Bernie Madoff, Fred called a real estate pal, Donald J. Trump, to set up a face-to-face meeting to talk about buying part of the club (ESPN)

 “The Wilpons are friends of mine, and I really hope it works out great for them,” Trump said.”But if anything doesn’t work out for them, I’d be interested in the team.

So, instead of folks calling for the Mets to #FireCallaway look to the top of the food chain instead.