Jeff Wilpon Names Himself General Manager

With Sandy Alderson sadly being forced to step down, there’s a question over which of the group of J.P. Riccardi, Omar Minaya, and John Ricco will emerge as at least the interim general manager.

With none of them being publicly named, there is a presumption there is a triumvirate in charge of Mets personnel moves for the rest of this season.

If you paid close attention to the press conference, that was clearly not the case. In fact, Jeff Wilpon named himself as Alderson’s replacement saying, “Same as Sandy would come to me, let me know, inform me of what they plan to do, I assume and plan to have the three of them come to me the same way.

That’s right. Instead of having a learned, experienced, and well respected baseball man convening with his top lieutenants to make an informed decision to present to ownership, it’s going to be Jeff Wilpon.

This was the exact situation the late Nelson Doubleday warned us all would happen . . . if it hasn’t happened already.

Remember, in Jerry Crasnick of ESPN feature of the Mets medical issues, he noted Jeff Wilpon meddles in everything including medical decisions. If a man with only a high school degree has the hubris to insert his judgment in favor of those with medical degrees, why wouldn’t he feel like he could effectively replace Alderson?

After all, as noted by Mets Today, Jeff Wilpon used to boast on profile that he was a minor league catcher in the Expos organization. He never played a game.

No matter the case, Jeff Wilpon announced he’s replacing Sandy Alderson. Hopefully, Ricco, Riccardi, and Minaya are finding fallback options in the event the meddling Jeff Wilpon needs to find a scapegoat when the team executes this generation’s version of the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano trade.