A New York State Of Motorcycle

The New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle, as it is fully named, is an extraordinary custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob inspired by New York and Polish city of Rzeszów. The motorcycle was created in Poland, in the workshop of custom bike manufacturer Game Over Cycles, and at the end of April, thanks to cooperation with the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport and LOT Cargo, has been transported from Rzeszów to New York.

The bike was made for a Pole born in the Rzeszów region and currently living in New York. The machine is intended to express local patriotism of both homelands of the vehicle owner. This is manifested in the unique design of the motorcycle, which contains characteristics of the architecture of each city. These parts are not only elements of ornamentation, but also fully functional components of the motorcycle.

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New York: wheels with Manhattan buildings engraved in metal. The wheel contains such buildings as the Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Center, Flatiron, Chrysler Building, old WTC towers – see album; Collage 1
– exhaust pipe looking like the Chrysler Building (covered with 24-carat gold) – see album; Collage 2
– ignition coil cover looking like The Oculus
– front plow in the shape of old WTC ruins with the “9/11 Never Forget” inscription – see album; Collage 3
– timing cover with NY Yankees logo (covered with 24-carat gold)
– fuel tank cap made form brass and imitating a $ 1 coin with Rzeszów-New York inscription
– tank painting containing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline

– Revolutionary Act Monument – the most famous monument of the city placed in the middle of wheel among Manhattan buildings (covered with 24-carat gold) – see album; Collage 1
– seat in the form of the Tadeusz Mazowiecki bridge – the largest bridge in the city. The bridge is imitated together with brass ropes attached to the fender while motorcycle’s direction indicators look like the warning lights located on the bridge – see album; Collage 4
– air filter cover in the shape of city’s most known and characteristic footbridge with Rzeszów’s coat of arms in the center (covered with 24-carat gold) – see album; Collage 5
– rear brake light and position light in the shape of the Rzeszów coat of arms
– tank painting containing Rzeszów skyline

All construction elements are made of brass, steel, and aluminum, while the wheels, exhaust pipe, clutch cover, timing cover, the front brake holder and wheels are additionally gold-plated.

The grand premiere of the motorcycle took place on May, 9 in New York, in the premises of Harley-Davidson of New York City. According to the organizers’ estimations, the event was attended by 300 people, including representatives of the media, business, project’s official partners as well as Polish and American motorcycle clubs.

After the premiere, the motorcycle was transported to the Harley-Davidson of New York City dealership located in Manhattan (address: 376 Broadway, New York, NY 10013), where it will be presented for the next two months.