Back In Black: A Gotham Baseball Road Map

Back in 1988, the New York Mets debuted a new road uniform, and it was by far the worst thing I had ever seen a Mets player wear.

So spare me if the recent #MetsTwitter drama of the black jerseys making a comeback in 2021 isn’t upsetting me that much.

I’m not going to lie, I bought a black jersey as soon as they came out.

A major problem for me was how poorly executed the rest of the uniform set was executed.  I mean had they done some research, there could have been some historical perspective built into the otherwise purely marketing ploy.

This doesn’t even match! The cap — while might be fine for a fashion cap– is dreadful.


The old New York Giants incorporated black into their uniform on orders from John McGraw

But the Mets version; including the drop shadow, and worn with black undershirts and socks, was really terrible…


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There were times, few and far between when it was a tolerable look.


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So if they bring back the black for Friday night games, that’s cool. Just the black jerseys and the all-black cap and wear a blue undershirt and blue socks and I’m all in.

This is the best black jersey look, and it’s not even close…