New Forums, Pages Coming Soon

For much of the last several weeks, the new Gotham Baseball has been under development,  Thanks to Damocles Designs and Joe McDonald, we have a functioning skeleton of what the new Gotham Baseball will look and feel like.

However, we have been getting lots of emails and texts asking several questions about what the new site will have, not have, etc.  I’ll try to answer them all, but perhaps this may help:

Yes, the forums will be back.  They will be easier to use, more streamlined and more secure

Gotham Sports Radio and Gotham Sports Media will be now be part of this overall site, and all of the corresponding info, links will be contained on their respective pages.

– Yes, the Magazine will be back in 2010.  That announcement will be made formally in the coming weeks.

– Yes, we are currently looking for contributors.  Send all inquiries to

I hope this answers most of your questions.  In the meantime, please feel free to send any and all questions and/or comment to the above email address.