Preserving The Past

On the field in the new Yankee Stadium this year, several of the team’s 102 victories have come in dramatic fashion. For the folks behind the “Save The Gate” movement, the hope is that their fight to save one last piece of the original Yankee Stadium can have a similar outcome.

The fight to preserve Gate 2 — which represents the lone structure from the old stadium that retains most of the original construction in 1923 — has been ongoing for months.

John Trush, 57, of Washington, N.J., is one of the folks behind the movement, and he, along with Mark Costello (and a host of others), appeared on my show back in June to explain their passion for this effort.

According to the Daily News, things are about to come to a head in this fight:

The city Parks Department plans to seek preliminary approval next week for plans to commemorate the stadium at Heritage Field – the future park after the House That Ruth Built meets the wrecking ball. Gate 2 is not in the plans.

“If it gets approved, I think we’re through,” said John Trush, one of the fans fighting to save the gate.

On Monday, Oct. 5, a special Baseball Digest LIVE program will feature many of the folks who are involved in this battle. Click here for more info.