The Case To Keep Jose Reyes

Take one look at Jose Reyes’ career statistics and it’s obvious what the New York Mets would lose if they let him leave.  Take one look at the joy and energy with which he plays the game; that would be gone, too. Take a look at Citi Field on any given night this past season — while it appeared to be pretty vacant, imagine it would even more empty with Reyes no longer wearing the Mets blue and orange.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the Mets fan base is hanging by a thread that will scare their brass into picking up the tab on a new Reyes contract.  While ownership has made it clear that the team will have is slashing payroll this offseason, they are essentially writing themselves a death sentence by letting Reyes get away.

In a season where the Mets overachieved for a good portion of the season without Johan Santana throwing a pitch, David Wright having the worst season of his career after suffering a broken back, and Ike Davis being lost for most of the season (after a hot start) with a routine ankle injury, Reyes was the star attraction and, for some fans, the only reason to show up at Citi Field in 2011.  Take him away and whatever remaining energy and intensity that currently exists will have been sapped.

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