The Catcher Says Bye

In every great dynasty, there are the unsung players who play the support role to the stars of the team. For 17 seasons, Jorge Posada has played his particular part well. As the remnants of that last great dynasty are beginning to finally erode, the Yankees are in that transition phase where saying goodbye is necessary, but entirely awkward.

The catcher’s tenure in the Bronx resulted in a .273/.374/.474 batting line along with four World Series titles. Posada wasn’t the star of the team with Jeter and Rivera present along with some high priced free agents brought in along the way, but he represented what fans liked most about the team. He was a homegrown guy who was playing a position that didn’t come naturally to him. He was one of the few core players who showed any type of emotion. He may not have been the star, but Jorge Posada was certainly the heart of the New York Yankees since 1998.

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