Yankees, Mets Operated Similarly This Offseason, Fan Reaction Much Different

This offseason, Mets fans have been in an uproar over how the Mets are operating.  From their perspective, the team is once again making penny wise, pound foolish moves.  Already, they have rejected a trade for Jason Kipnis over value while going out and re-singing Jose Reyes to a $2 million deal.

Overall, the Mets promise to do more, but with their history, there is a reasonable question whether they will actually do it.  This have left Mets fans all the more aggrieved as this team really seems to be just one or two moves away from being a real postseason contender.

It should be noted at this point in the offseason, the Yankees are in a quite similar situation to the Mets in that they have question marks at both second and third base.  Moreover, the Yankees have pursued the cheaper option in signing former National and Angel Danny Espinosa to a minor league deal.

In as much as the Mets believe they are close to contention, the Yankees were just one game away from the World Series last year.  And yet, quite similar to the Mets, the Yankees have not been aggressive on this free agent market looking to plug in the second base holes.

Like the Mets, they have kicked the tires on Josh Harrison, and they seem to be waiting out Todd Frazier.  What is quite unlike the Mets is the fan reaction.  While Mets fans have been apoplectic, Yankee fans seem to be much calmer.

The main reason for that could very well be the Yankees going out and making a major move in adding Giancarlo Stanton.  However, it should be noted the Mets had a move of significance adding Jay Bruce.  The Yankees made a strong move bringing back CC Sabathia to help sure up their rotation, and the Mets sured up their bullpen by signing Anthony Swarzak.

Analyzing everything, the real reason why the Mets fans are angry and the Yankees fans are patient is ownership.  Deep down, the Mets fan has a deep distrust of the Wilpons, and the Yankees fans have faith the Steinbrenner family will do what they need to do to win.

The mistrust goes deep than that.  While the Steinbrenners have always been accountable to their fans by having press availability, the Wilpons have very rarely been available.  Just this past month, Jeff Wilpon addressed the team payroll for the first time since 2014.  It should be noted it those statements he gave a very mixed message painting a picture where the Mets could cut $10 million to a team that will add payroll if presented with an opportunity.

In sum, the Mets organization need not look any further than themselves as to why Mets fans are angry while Yankees fans are being patient with their team.  This is the situation despite both teams having very similar holes and plans of attack this late in the offseason.