“There are fans, whose expertise on favored topics can be proffered with all the passion of the truest true believer. And there are writers, whose trade is to tackle a subject thoroughly in order to present it clearly, concisely, and digestibly. Then there is Mark Healey, whose life as a fan allows him the knowledge that belongs to those most ardent believers, and whose skill as an author presents that all in a breezy, literate and highly enjoyable style. That is only part of what makes “Gotham Baseball: New York’s All-Time Team” such an engaging read, but it is also the best part.” – Mike Vaccaro, New York Post


“Stretching back for decades, there have been endless debates and discussions about the premier players in New York baseball history. In Gotham Baseball, Mark C. Healey makes his spirited argument for the best players at each position. It’s a challenging chore, but Healey handles it smoothly and expertly. You might not agree with all of his choices, but that’s the beauty of this fun and informative book.” Jack Curry, YES Network analyst author of The NY Times best-seller “Full Count: The Education Of A Pitcher.”



“Between Stickball, Wiffleball and Punchball games on the JHS 190 Schoolyard in Queens, my friends would fervently argue who the best players were on the Mets and Yankees – and then talk of their predecessors through the years on the teams that used to play in the city. Criticism of a pal’s favorite ballplayer was often fighting words! Mark Healey’s book brings back the spirit of those debates and then some. We may not be on the schoolyard anymore – but Mark’s book sure makes you feel like it. Game on!” – Roger Clark, NY 1


“Thoroughly researched and passionately written, Mark Healey’s “Gotham Baseball: New York’s All-Time Team” has something for every iteration of New York baseball fan — for those whose best memories are at the Polo Grounds or Ebbets Field straight through to those whose first game came at Citi Field. His goal is more comprehensive than just helping you win the classic Mays versus Mantle bar-room argument. With a journalist’s eye for detail and a fan’s for meaning, Healey can’t help but enhance your appreciation for the pillars of the city’s rich baseball tradition.”  – Tim Britton, The Athletic



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