June 3, 2020


“Many a sportswriter in a column and many a baseball fan in a New York City sports bar have tried to say that their guys were the best; but what if you could put the greatest in Gotham’s rich baseball history – the very, very best – on one team? In “Gotham Baseball: New York’s All-Time Team” longtime Queens print and broadcast journalist Mark C. Healey endeavors to do just that — and start a few more arguments along the way.”Queens Chronicle

With Roger Clark On NY1





With Bill Shanks on ESPN Radio / SI.com






With John Jastremski on WFAN

With Phil Hecken from Uni-Watch







With Mike Silva, Talking Mets

With Johnny Foster, Author Conversations

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With Patrick Hickey Jr. on Review-Fix








The Gotham Baseball “Debate Me Now” with Trevor Downs







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The Queens Gazette newspaper’s Local-Express interview