(19) Days of Curtis

A .116 batting average is bad, and it only intensifies our fears when it reads as such at the start of the season. And this is all before considering the oh-god-what-have-we-done level of existential terror as the average comes on the heels of the biggest contract the Mets have shelled out for a free-agent position player in some time.

‘Remake’ of Mets Radio Booth is Officially a Mess.

The general perception among many Mets fans is when team COO Jeff Wilpon tries to fix a perceived problem, he generally creates a public relations mess in the process, and then blames the media for misconstruing his intentions along the way.

Travis Turning

And what of Travis d’Arnaud, long ranked as the top catching prospect in baseball. Is he the next Buster Posey? Joe Mauer? Or is he more of a Russell Martin type? Or is he something more ominous altogether