Gotham Baseball Rumor Mill: Is McCann in Mets’ “Plan”?

The hardest decision to make when publishing a rumor — especially when it’s going to involve the New York Mets — is the maelstrom of negative energy that always seems to follow. However I also believe that when you hear a rumor from a trusted source, you at least have to give it some credence. At the very least, I think it’s worth sharing with the folks who will ultimately be affected by it.

This past weekend, I was told by someone who talks regularly with Mets officials, that Brian McCann is a target that the team is “very interested” in. I was very skeptical (and remain so) when I heard this, but given that this person has usually been very reliable, I at least tried to listen to his scenario.

“They want to sign McCann,” he said. “Same of those guys envision him as being an impact bat and someone who will mentor and develop their young pitching staff. They love (Travis) d’Arnaud, but think they can get another big piece for him. McCann’s a finished product that can produce now.”

I have never, ever heard McCann’s name with the Mets in even the most dubious of media outlets, but I was — and am — intrigued by the possibility, no matter how remote or unlikely.

So, rather than post a “Gotham Baseball has learned … ” sort of article, I instead will put this to the readers; Are the Mets interested in making Brian McCann the centerpiece of their 2013-14 offseason?

Even before the injury to Matt Harvey, reports that the Mets would consider dealing a pitching prospect or two to upgrade the team’s offense had been met with a bit of disbelief in some baseball circles. One baseball official I spoke with a few weeks ago felt that the Mets would be hard-pressed to trade any of their top 5 young hurlers.

“They can write whatever they want,” said the baseball official, who asked not to be identified for this story. “I don’t see the Mets undoing three years of fishing to make that drastic a move right now.

“They have too many areas where they need an upgrade to dilute a organizational strength”

I happen to agree with this kind of thinking, especially when some of the names being discussed, like Carlos Gonzales of the Rockies, would be very costly. Also, the unknown status of Harvey makes any deal involving young pitching seem risky at best.

There are some observers who feel the Mets will not be spending quite as freely as some others suggest (and you can include this writer on that list), so this chatter that the Mets might be considering McCann as their new big bat makes little sense. But let’s consider this in a vacuum.

If you were the Mets, what plan makes most sense?

Sign McCann, trade d’Arnaud- centered for another offensive player.

Trade two or three prospects for Carlos Gonzales.

Sign Jacoby Ellsbury and mix and match rest of imports.

I have been one of those folks that are not overly satisfied with Sandy Alderson’s full body of work, so I’m not going to speculate on whether or not this option is a real one. I’m not sure even like it. But it is certainly worth a discussion.

What do you think?