Piazza to Make History Again with TOPPS BUNT Digital Signatures This Weekend

liveaction_1_blue_nym_mike_piazza_lThe TOPPS Company and their fast-growing digital platform, TOPPS MLB BUNT today announced that New York Mets Hall of Famer Mike Piazza will make history this Saturday, when he conducts a real time customized digital autograph signing this weekend as part of The Baseball Card Show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is the first time TOPPS will conduct a virtual signing in real time for a global audience, after a successful test of the platform during the All-Star Game in San Diego.

“Our digital fans have become more accustomed to accessing and engaging with our content in the digital world more this year than ever before, and we are pleased to be able to work with Mike and his team to create this once in a lifetime digital personalized card to Mets fans, and baseball fans, around the world this Saturday,” said Chris R. Vaccaro, Editor-In-Chief / Director of App Production for TOPPS. “This type of digital product is unlike anything that has been done before for fans, and we think will open up a new and unique way for fans to engage with the biggest and brightest stars of the game almost in real-time.”

Piazza will use an iPad and digital stylus to sign card images with personalizations and inscriptions to a select number of fans, who are able to acquire “live signature tickets” via the Topps MLB BUNT application this week. He will also sign other cards, all of which will be published for consumers within 24 hours from anywhere in the world.

Topps previously did an event Noah Syndergaard at MLB All-Star FanFest in San Diego. It was the first of its kind and was consumer facing with fans meeting the Mets star live at the event while he signed their digital signatures. Topps also did a “virtual line” of people who got shout outs on social media with their personalizations from Syndergaard.

Topps MLB BUNT 2016 features the easiest way to collect your favorite MLB teams, players and moments in the palm of your hand. New content and exclusive cards are released on a daily basis during the season, and cards can be traded within the Topps BUNT community instantly and worldwide. Players can take their cards into contests and earn points in real-time based on the card style and the player’s real-world performance.

Topps MLB BUNT 2016 is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and in the Google Play Store for Android devices. Topps MLB BUNT 2016 is officially licensed by Major League Baseball Advanced Media and by Major League Baseball Players Association.