Phil LoMedico, Inventor Of Prohitter Batting Tool, Sees Massive Adoption In MLB

Gotham Baseball caught up with Phil LoMedico, founder of PROHITTER, grip-technique-facilitator and bat-sting eliminator used by many Major Leaguers.

GB: Tell us about your background:

PL: I am an entrepreneur, inventor, musician, songwriter, artist and a businessman at heart. I created PROHITTER, a batting aid used by both professional and amateur baseball and softball players alike

GB: What is the Invention all about, the evolution behind it?

PL: PROHITTER is used to promote better hitting technique while also preventing batting related injury. My love for baseball was always coupled with my passion for music, art and show business which are what drove me to be where I am today.

GB: What makes the product stand out?

PL: PROHITTER is a grip-technique-facilitator and bat-sting eliminator, that creates faster bat speed which allows for all batters, including the +70% of all Major League Baseball position players, to hit for higher average and more power.

GB: What has been the evolution to get PROHITTER to where it is today?

PL: The PROHITTER product went through many subtle changes over the years from shape of the batting tool to the resin we use to manufacture the US manufactured, registered trademarked product. Therefore, the product started off slow in 1984 when only a few MLB players started batting with it. The growth in use within major league baseball grew methodically over the subsequent years – 20% by 1999 and then annual growth year after year to the current +70% usage we are seeing now. In addition, while it was originally promoted as batting sting and injury protection for your hands the hitting performance benefit became the major reason for use. So, starting in 2008, we made additional product changes and renamed the product to PROHITTER. This was the last piece for massive player adoption to where we are today.

Brandon Nimmo (credit: Akil Bjorn)