Must Be Nice

My fondest memories of my college days at Hofstra University took place on the softball field where, every year, my closest friends and I took part in the intramural tournament.  The group we assembled wasn’t the biggest or most athletic, but we were a team with a lot of heart. My memories of being an intramural first baseman were with me for every page I turned of Anthony Federico’s novel,  Must Be Nice.

Must Be Nice is a look into the life of Kev, a second semester college senior.  With graduation rapidly approaching and the real world soon to follow, Kev must come to grips with the fact that his time in college is coming to a close. The games of the spring softball season are the backdrop for his final few months of university life but, as with any good college story, there are also parties, school work, and great friends.

Must Be Nice is an extremely accurate portrayal of modern college life and the great pleasure in being a member of a team. The ‘playing ball with your buddies’ story is one that fans of the sport will enjoy, but the camaraderie between classmates and the equally realistic portrayal of wild parties and  boring classes can be appreciated by anyone who has spent time on a college campus.

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