Rivera All-Time Record Collection From Steiner Sports Lets Fans ‘Save’ Piece of History

Yankee fans and baseball collectors alike will be able to literally “save” a piece of history through the Mariano Rivera 602 All-time Saves Record Collection from Steiner Sports Memorabilia.

Now that Sandman has entered the record books by eclipsing Trevor Hoffman’s previous mark of 601 saves, Steiner has created a series of memorabilia to mark the occasion, complete with a Mariano logo, an etching of the hurler in pitching motion. The Yankee icon and sure-fire Hall of Famer amazingly recorded all of the saves with the same team – the New York Yankees. The collection will include: hand-signed photographs from the monumental achievement against the Twins at Yankee Stadium, dated September 19, 2011; a plaque with featuring a capsule of dirt taken from the Stadium mound; replica lineup card plaque featuring an actual game ticket; game used mound, bases and home plate; a 14