Topps Updates Yanks, Mets Sets, Adds Teams to Archives Collection Series 2

Topps-YankeesThe Topps Company, Inc. today unveiled a new series of limited edition apparel, hats and wall art to their Topps Archives Collection, which was launched last spring. The new Series 2 launch adds in the legendary MLB teams from the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins, as well as updating the original seven championship clubs that were put forward earlier this year. Topps mined its archives to create all new collectible products that are inspired by the greatest teams and most memorable moments from America’s national pastime earlier this year, and the response has given rise to this latest limited edition release.

The 1977 Yankees and 1986 Mets are part of the Series 2 updates; both were featured in Series 1.

In addition, Topps will be offering online one of a kind wall art every day during the postseason with the “MLB Playoff Player of the Day,” as selected by Topps and Bloomberg Sports, the world’s leaders in sports analytic technology and the newest member of the STATS global network.

Following the completion of every day of the postseason, fans can go to to see who has been selected both by a combination of popularity as well as statistical analysis and download that player’s custom wall art to be shipped to them the next day. The player and wall art will also be featured every day on Bsports’ “Stats Insights,” show on Fantasy Sports Network. Hosted by Shannon Somerville, “Stats Insights” is BSports nightly look at all things in sports analytics at 6:30 pm EDT.

“We see big growth in the collectable area for us as a brand, and are proud to be able to bring this new series to fans as the MLB postseason gets going,” said Jeff Heckman, Manager of Marketing, Topps Digital.  “The access to such iconic images and items gives us a unique position in the marketplace, and the response from fans of a certain age wanting to both re-live and share their memories of their favorite teams with a new generation has been very encouraging. Between the collector’s series and the wall art of the day, fans can have the best of past and present right at their fingertips.”

The Topps Archives Collection, Series 2 honors the following Major League Baseball teams:

  • 1975 Boston Red Sox: “Stay Fair”
  • 1980 Philadelphia Phillies “Back On Top”
  • 1982 St. Louis Cardinals “We’re Red Hot”
  • 1987 Minnesota Twins   “No Place like Dome”

The Topps Archives Collection, Series 2 will be sold in box sets containing the following items:  1 Wax Pack Poster Set (5 posters),  6 Team Patches, 6 Team Buttons, 1 Team Pennant,1 Team T-shirt, 1 Team Hat. It will be boxed and limited to only 99 kits, with the series never to be sold again.

The Topps Archives Collection, Series 2 pays tribute to superstars and unsung heroes alike, capturing players in their heyday, just as fans remember them. The individual collections feature players as well known and diverse as Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Smith, Mike Schmidt, Bert Blyleven and many others.

The Topps Archives Collection, Series 2 is available now on  Fans can collect them all individually or buy each team’s complete box set, just like baseball cards.

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