Bobby V And PED’s

It’s September and the playoffs are on the horizon, which means we will be hearing from Bobby Valentine early and often in the coming weeks. He has made the rounds of MLB Network and SNY, as the last skipper to lead the Amazins’ to the World Series cajoles, waxes and pontificates on all things baseball.

Away from the diamond, the current athletic director at sacred Heart University is continuing to make inroads with films, and his latest documentary (co-produced with Andrew Muscato) called “DOPED: The Dirty Side Of Sports.” It will air Wednesday at 8 PM on EPIX, and will look at the issue of performance enhancing drugs from the athlete side, especially the conflicts that groups like WADA and USADA now have in sports like boxing and track and field.

The film will have some baseball, of course, as former MLB investigator Ed Dominguez will chime in on whether Bud Selig again knew more than he ever let on during a steroid era that built stars and almost crushed Valentine’s beloved sport.

Valentine himself offered his own opinion last week on Sports, saying that he thought PED’s actually had a place in the game.

“There’s a lot of really good drugs out there that we do take that make us feel better and perform better, and I think these PEDs that people talk about, that are performance-enhancers, will eventually get into the mainstream,” he added.

Probably not something that current Commish Rob Manfred wants to hear, but Bobby V. is a deep thinker, and that’s why we love him.  Never a dull moment with the man from Stamford.