Mets Fans Shouldn’t Expect Much This Offseason

This entire season the New York Mets have sent out smoke screens through the media, sources saying the Mets will spend this offseason and go after big name free agents. Some have even fallen for the smoke screens and started believing them. A word of advice from one Mets fan to another: don’t get your hopes up, if you do this team will just disappoint you.

Other than saying that they will be spending, what have the Mets done to prove they will? Nothing. That’s because they don’t intend to spend. They will try to use the Matt Harvey injury as an excuse, but we know they never had any intention of doing so in the first place, and now are glad they have an excuse, a scapegoat. The Wilpons would never have allowed Sandy Alderson to spend, whether he wants to or not.

There are multiple names I have heard tossed out that the Mets are supposedly going after. Carlos Beltran is one, Jacoby Ellsbury is another. The past few years with Alderson as GM and the Wilpons as the owners, have they ever showed a sign that they will spend and actually go through with what they say? No. This time, unfortunately, will be no different. Neither of those two will be wearing a Mets uniform next year. Watch for more of the under the radar signings this offseason from Sandy.