Ripken Streakbreaking Game Gets Commemorative Topps Curated Set

Cal Ripken Jr. and Lou Gehrig are inextricably linked in baseball history, their improbable consecutive games played streaks compiled in vastly different eras but with the commonality of persevering, showing up to play every game, every day, for 2632 and 2130 contests, respectively. When Ripken passed Gehrig on September 6, 1995, it was a celebration not just of the Orioles’ shortstop and future Hall of Famer accomplishment, but that of Gehrig, who had held the mark for more than 60 years and later faced ALS with the same dignity with which he played the game, day in and day out.

Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of Ripken’s moving past Gehrig with game #2131. Accordingly, he worked with TOPPS on curating a set of cards, available beginning on Sunday, that captures the essence of not just his streak but his journey there and aftermath.

“Baseball cards have been a part of my family’s life for years, and I couldn’t be happier to be working with TOPPS to create this set,” said Ripken, whose father Cal Sr. coached and managed and brother Bill also played in the Majors. “I selected cards that represent special moments and people that have made my life in baseball special, and ones that I think fans will enjoy collecting.”

“Cal Ripken’s ‘Ironman’ streak is one of the sport’s classic records, set by one of its most popular players ever,” said Jeff Heckman, Topps’ Global Director of Ecommerce. “We are excited that Cal wanted to commemorate this 25th anniversary with cards that represent what the game means to him, in the context of this achievement.”

Cards will depict numerous highlights of his career as well as other players and games Ripken selected as personally most memorable.